Drum articulations for Finale

How do you get finale to play back a flam, diddle, cheezes, or any other rudiments?
All of these topics are covered in the Finale users manual. You can also check on the Finale forums for help on topics like this.
To get diddles to playback:

If your using 2004 (or if its the same in other versions), turn off 'Human Playback' in the playback control window. Then select the TG Tools 'Smart Playback' in the plug-in menu (the one that looks like a plug). All you have to do is hit the 'go' button. It will process all diddles (slashes) and put them in layer 4. You can hide layer 4 by selecting 'active layer only' under the view menu. You have to run the TG tools each time you add new diddles before you'll hear them in playback.

Flams, written as grace notes, should playback just fine. If you don't know how to create a flam:

make an 8th note and then hit ";command g"; (macintosh) or go under the Simple menu to 'Simple Edit Commands"; -- ";Modify Entry"; and choose grace note. The 8th will become the grace note for the flam. Enter the next note as whatever (quarter, eighth, sixteenth) and you've got a flam.

You can adjust how 'tight' the flams are by changing the value for grace note duration under 'Playback Options"; in the playback controls window.
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