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When I am trying to load sounds into VDL2 I get a message that says Physical Memory is getting low. Is there a way that I can up my physical memory. I know my computer can handle the program. It meets all the requirements and then some. Do I need to download and DFD and play with that or is there another thing I can do to get my physical memory up.

How much memory does your computer have? How many samples are you loading at a time? What kinds of instruments are you loading?

I would strongly recommend using the DFD extension as that saves from having all the samples load into memory thus freeing up room in your memory.

Also, what other programs are you running when you're using VDL:2 besides your composition program?
Ok, well my laptop is a new computer. It is Windows XP Pro, Pentium M 1.70GHZ 735, 512 MB of Ram.

I am just loading the Battery Samples, I usually use the lite versions. So I am using Snares, Tenors, Basses, Cymbals.

I just got my VDL2 two days ago and I have used Virtual Drumline since it came out, so this DFD extension thing I am not familiar with. I downloaded it yesterday night, but have yet to fool around with it. Is there any settings I should have it set to?

Well, aol instant messanger is running, so is nortan, and quick time, other ibm laptop programs.
I've only got 384 MB and I ran out after loading just the snare and tenors (lite versions). So you do need more memory. I'm adding a gig. There's another thread somewhere on here about how to use DFD and it's settings.
You will see an improvement using DFD. As far as the DFD settings go, you just need to mess with them until you find what works best for you.

With the memory you have on your laptop, I would suggest not running any other programs besides your notation software and VDL:2.
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