VDL:2 on a notebook

I'm getting close to purchasing a Gateway notebook and if possible would like to tailor the purchase so I might be able to use VDL:2 on it. What I'm looking at has a Celeron processor not a Pentium (That's what's in my price range). Is that a deal breaker when it comes to using VDL:2? And I still don't quite understand from reading on the site's system requirements and FAQ's if I need a sound card like a Creative Labs Audigy. I already have a MIDI keyboard I've been running with Sibelius on an older desktop.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Running VDL2 on a Celeron processor isn't a good idea. You'll be able to launch the program, but once you start playing back sounds in real-time, the CPU probably wouldn't have much success keeping up. If using sample technology like VDL2 is one of your main goals, it's probably a good idea to save up a little more and spring for the fastest Pentium 4 and as much RAM as you can. That would be my advice anyway - given the lower performance of Celeron, you'll be glad you waited.
Jim -

Thanks so much for your reply! I actually reconsidered my purchase and made it already . . . it would be so helpful if someone could confirm that I have all the right stuff now. I have a laptop with a pentium 4, 512 MB memory, 60.0 GB hard drive, Windows XP home, Sibelius 3.1.1, a Yamaha Portatone PSR-225GM Midi keyboard, and a Creative Blaster Audigy 2ZS external sound card. All I need is VDL:2 I think!

Thanks again!

The system you just described will work, BUT I would suggest you get more memory. 512 is the bare minimum needed to run VDL:2. Where you might also run into a problem is the fact that laptop hard drives spin at a slower RPM (4800 RPM) as opposed to a desktop hard drive (7200 RPM). Using the DFD, you won't get the same results unless you're using an external hard drive that has a faster RPM.

For now though, I would uprgrade the memory to as high as you can afford.
Yeah, it's pretty safe to say that 512 MB has become the minimum for most new audio/visual software. Moving up to 1 GB is probably the best possible upgrade anyone can buy. And it's cheap too!
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