Demo Recordings, What Equipment is being used?

Hello, I love these new samples! I want to be able to playback and record my full percussion scores with the same quality of the demo recordings on this website, but I am unsatisfied with the results I am getting and I'm considering getting a new computer system. What equipment is being used? Computer types, processors? Windows or Mac? I would prefer Windows, but would consider Mac. Please share details.

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It's not really the hardware that matters as long as it's a recent computer with plenty of RAM. If it was made on a 1.6 GHz Athlon XP or a Dual 3.6 GHz Xeon, it's still going to sound the same in the end. If you have an older PC with only 512 MB of RAM, you can make recordings of smaller sections and mix them together later in a program like Cubase.

Keep in mind that music has been made on the desktop computer for many years so there's no need to feel like some huge hardware purchase needs to be made to get best results. You could pick up a Dell new for $290 and upgrade the RAM for another $50 and have everything you need. Taking the time to adjust velocities of the notation and writing a good musical arrangement is much more important!

Check out the ";Helpful Hints & Tutorials"; part of the forums to see how I made my VDL2 demos. Playing directly back from Finale or Sibelius sounds OK, but a multi-track recording program gets the best results. If you are on a budget, a program like Cubase SE is only $70 for students and can handle unlimited MIDI tracks and load up to 16 instances of Virtual Drumline- and I only used 3 in my recordings.
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