Kontakt Gold and VD:2

Here is a new one. I have (or had) Kontakt Gold for Sibelius, which uses the Kontakt Player with Sibelius. After loading VD:2, the Kontakt Gold slowed down Sibelius immensely.

When starting Sibelius, the audio setup screen appears with a null latency reading. VD:2's audio setup screen shows ";8ms"; latency. I am using an M-Audio 24/96 ASIO soundcard with M-Audio desktop speakers.

There is some sort of conflict with both Kontakt Players running on the same machine. Has anyone else had this issue? I have since uninstalled Kontakt Gold. I want to purchase GPO, which also uses the Kontakt Player, but am afraid I might run into the same issue.

I will also post this to the NI forum, but wanted to see if anyone on here has had the same issue.

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