Glockenspiel notes transposition in Sib Template

I am using VD2 and Sibelius 3.1.3, and when I loaded my sounds for glockenspiel, they didn't play unless I brought the notes all the way down WAY below the staff. Could someone help me with this issue?

Do I have a transposition off?


This is a Sibelius issue. Sibelius automatically transposes glocks. and xylos.

When your score is open, go to the first measure of the glock. and click so there is a blue box around it then:

Create>Other>tranposition change

Adjust as needed.

HTH, Gabe
Indeed Gabe is right. When you get to the ";create transposition change"; window, simply select C4 = C4. Since VDL2 samples already account for transposition (since they're real recordings), you don't need Sibelius to do any sort of transposition for you. Fortunately, this is an easy thing to adjust in Sibelius.

I believe the Tapspace template has transpositions set properly for glockenspiel and crotale staves.
Hey, thanks guys. Here is what I did:

1.) clicked on first bar of glock staff.
2.) create>other>transposition change
3.) chose bottom to be C4 when ";in parts or transposing score"; was selected
4.) Notes got transposed up to above the staff so then I brought them down to be on the staff but notes were red (out of range)
5.) then in the staves window, I brought the professional and comfortable ranges to start at C4

That sound correct?

Thanks for your help guys
Coach - Almost. I did some further checking and in-fact realized that the Sibelius template (v0.9.1) doesn't properly handle these transpositions. This will be fixed and available in an update soon.

For now, here's what I'd suggest:
Your ";transposition change"; steps are correct. For clarity, here's what it should look like:[img][/img]

If you already have notes entered, you'll notice that they now appear an octave or two higher than before.

Triple click that staff, so it's highlighted (framed) through the entire score. You can quickly change it down an octave by then clicking ctrl-down arrow (windows) or command-down arrow (mac). It's a handy Sibelius shortcut.

In the staff palette, set both comfortable and professional ranges to:
For Glock: G3 to C6
For Xylo: F3 to C7

With the above steps all your notes should sound as expected, and appear without being ";red"; looking out of range. Let me know if this does the trick.
Yeah...thank you!! Nice talking with you a bit about the program at WGI Finals. Thanks again.
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