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Hello, I am currently using VD2 with Sibelius, Windows XP and a desktop with 1.00 GB of RAM. Every time I try to load more than two instruments into the Virtual Rack, my computer warns me that my physical memory is low, then warns me again when I try to continue. I am not understanding why, considering my 1.00 GB of RAM.

Also, are we only able to load in 8 instruments at a time? If this is the case, how can we take advantage of all of the sounds. For example: snare, tenors, basses, cymbals, timpani, marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones...that is eight, so will I not be able to load any more? Will other effects not be able to be loaded? Please help!

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It sounds like you may not have installed the DFD (direct from disk) extension which facilitates samples streaming from the hard drive rather than loading into RAM. There is information about this in your user guide, as well as the ";VDL:2 Read First"; page that came included with the program. You may find that once you've installed the DFD extension, you'll have to play with your settings a little bit for optimum performance on your particular system. There's various discussion on this forum about that, so search around for it.

Also, there's another topic on the forum that talks about using more than 8 instruments at once. It might be a good place to read first, then chime in to that thread if you find you have further questions:
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