Latin Combo Notation Placement

I'm using the Latin Combo instrument load (which kicks ass guys) and the playback and midi thru works fine. The notehead and placement is a million octaves to low, however. I mean VDL2 places Low Conga slaps all the way down on the staff below. Is this a finale problem of something to do with the templates.

finale 03, VDL2, XP

By the way, the latin combo and rack combo are great!! Thanks for that added help with pit sounds. A combo for multiple suspended cymbals with differant textures would be really neat. All stuff your team already knows, I'm sure.

Thanks for the renewed writing enjoyment!!
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Hey Ty - thanks! I don't have a computer setup at the moment with Finale 2003, so I can't check the notehead placement on my end. One thing you might want to try however (in case there's an issue with the template) is to go into that Latin Combo Percussion Map, as if you were going to EDIT it. Click the ";all named notes"; button, and then go back and try again to see if that has any affect on the display. Sometimes Finale seems not to retain all mapped notes on imported libraries, and requires this simple action. Let us know if that does or doesn't help, and I'm sure we can get it figured out together.
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