Adjusting tuning in the tenor voice.

Is it possible to adjust the tenor tuning for each drum. For example, I would like the Spock 2 to be lower to mimick the Dynasty Hexset that we will be using. As you may be aware that configuration is 6";,8";,10";,12";,13";,14";. I'm not going to tune the 8"; as high as my twin sixers from the old Yamaha's. I'd like to have this sound on VDL2. Real question is can it be done in Kontakt player? I think it can be done in Kontakt.
You can raise and lower the tuning of instruments, but it will do it globally for that instrument. For example, load in the tenor instrument. If you move the tuning knob, it will raise and lower the pitch of the full set of tenors. You can't do it for just one individual drum. This applies to Kontakt Player and Kontakt.
Actually, synthetically detuning one drum be done in Kontakt. It's a little more technical than just turning a knob though, but if you have your heart set on simulating that sound, it is possible within Kontakt.
Thanks for the reply. If and when I get Kontakt2 I'll try to adjust one of the 6"; drum voices to fit my needs.
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