I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the keyswitch feature. I can hit the key for the switching to puffies but I don't understand how to program it in the score. When I use the keyswitch, all of the sounds for that instrument play back as puffies. Does there need to be a controller change?

Yes, you need to input a controller change from within your score. What notation program are you using?

Gabe Cobas
I have Sibelius 3
Hi Ken! How the heck are you? :)

Yes - you do have to essentially write the keyswitch note into your score if you're using a notation program. I've typically done this by simply placing a gracenote prior to where I want to hear the change, then select the gracenote and ";HIDE"; it so it doesn't print.

One thing I was fumbling with on one of my scores yesterday however, is that I think the mapping of the Sibelius staff type actually affect whether or not the keyswitch note is properly called up. My guess is this will need to be addressed in the next template, but let me know what particular instruments are giving you problems. I was having similar results yesterday on the ";Tenors LITE"; instrument when writing.

The controller changes (mod-wheel) control different features in different instruments - anything with the (MW) in the instrument name. The keymap diagrams in the manual will describe these features under ";Enhanced Controls"; when applicable.

Let me know if you're seeing any specific behavior that doesn't add up, and we'll get you all handled.

Hope all else is well for you!
I was having the same problem w/ Sibelius. I'm trying to write a keyswitch to puffies for both tenors and basses but whenever I enter the keyswitch note, it enters it was the written note in the staff and I don't hear the change occurring in my score. I am using the latest version of the Sibelius templates.
I was also confused on how to actually get the puffy sound.  I tried with my midi keyboard on the Tenor Full/lite to hit the corresponding key but didnt hear a change...and I have before.

And - how would you ";write"; a keyswitch into sibelius 4 to have the tenor notes already written to playback as puffies?
Enter the note to switch to puffies or whatever as if it were regular notation, then select the notehead and choose edit > hide or show > hide

If all else fails, you can do it when you're mixing in Cubase or Logic etc.  Open the MIDI editor and just draw a mark with the pen tool where you want the changes to take place.
Cool, Jesse!�� Thanks.�� I was thinking it was like a controller message that I had to write, not writing in an actual note I was to hide.�� I tried it in Cubase and I freaked out because I got it.�� LOL

Hope you and your family have a good one Jesse.�� talk to you online soon.
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