Setting MIDI Latency using VDL2 in Bidule

I am having trouble with setting my latency setting using Bidule and using VDL2 as a VST instrument. When I load my presets in Bidule, I am not able to access the File menu to bring down the latency. I am getting really choppy playback and note entering in my notation program. I have 2 GB of ram, so I don't think this is the issue for playback. Can anyone tell me how to access the file menu when I click in the VDL2 instances I have open in Bidule?

McGillen - you won't see the File menu if you're using VDL2 as a plugin since the FILE menu is application specific. It's there in VDL2 in standalone mode since you're technically running the player as its own application.

My guess is that your playback problems may be more specific to your soundcard or audio drivers. You might want to list your system specifications (machine, CPU speed OS, ram, soundcard, audio driver, which virtual midi cable, etc).

I found this topic over at the Bidule forum at Plogue. Thought it might be worth a look:

FYI - Windows users with non-ASIO soundcard drivers may want to take a look at trying the free ASIO4all driver at
Thanks Jim. The ASIO driver works great. This fixed all of my playback problems for now. Your personal support on this product is amazing.

When I downloaded Bidule, it says it expires as free shareware on June 8th. Do you know what the story is here?
It's a trial offer. Mine says it expires on June 8. The purchase is around $82.00 with tax. Pay online and the annoying pop-up should go away.

This Bidule program is worth the change($).
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