VDL2 and Beatcraft

Can the sound files in VDL2 be loaded into Acoustica's Beatcraft program, or do they load only through Kontakt?

I just bought it before I found out about VDL2. I've been looking for marching percussion samples for a long time.
have a link?
I guess what I'm really asking is, are the samples encrypted, or are they in simple .WAV format?

I want to know if they can be ported into any rhythm generation program, or is the Kontakt player that comes on the VDL2 disk the only way to play them? Thanks
They are formatted for the Kontakt player and Kontakt.

This is correct. The instruments within VDL2 are accessible for playback via Kontakt Player or Kontakt, however the individual samples themselves are encrypted, so Beatcraft probably woudln't be an option.
Thanks for the help guys. I did some checking on the Beatcraft site, and it doesn't support MIDI, so I can't use VDL2 as a MIDI instrument with that program.

If I'm interested in using VDL2 to write marching percussion cadences that I can burn to a CD, can anyone recommend a good sequencer that works well with it, and a notation program also?

Thanks for all the help, I haven't fooled around with computer percussion in a long time.
Sibelius, and a midi program that can render; not a sequencer that simply records throughput. Sonar, Nuendo, maybe Bidule (don't know...)

Sibelius is an easy recommendation for the notation stuff. The midi, you'll have to pick what you like there - particularly where you will know how much midi editing you want to do.
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