VDL:2 Sibelius Template

So I get VDL:2 up and running and everything sounds great, except when I imput my notes with my M-audio 02 in the glock, xylo, mar 1, and vibe 1 slots the playback is screwy and in the glock and xylo instances the notes are in the wrong octaves. Even when the notes are red, meaning they are out of the instrument's range, the sounds can be heard on the low end but when it comes to the high end the sounds stop before I run out of black ";within range"; notes. The vibe 1 and marimba 1 playback but are missing some of the pitches and play back some enharmonic notes as notes that have not been flatted or sharped. Any thoughts on why this is so or how to fix it?

A new Sibelius template is now available!

Details here:
Anthony - By default, Sibelius transposes glock and xylo instruments since most their users are simply playing back the standard soundcard sounds. With VDL2, no transposition is necessary (since it's recorded naturally). This glitch fell through the cracks on the current Sibelius template, however the new one should be available very soon.

If you'd like to fix this yourself, it's actually quite easy and completely do-able if you know how to use Sibelius' features properly. This was covered in another thread already:
Yeah..there are some bugs with the templates..they are working to update the templates. Hopefully we will get an update soon. Check out the template forum, it covers that problem
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