New Sibelius VDL:2 template update available (version 0.9.2)

[b]An updated VDL:2 Sibelius template is now available as of May 14, 2005. It's now version 0.9.2.

Fixed in version 0.9.2:[/b]
[b]*[/b]Keyswitch instruments now function properly by adding a mapped note to these staff types. We recommend activating keyswitch changes by inputting a grace note prior to when you want the sound to change. Note will appear with a check-mark notehead, however you can select ";Hide"; this note by selecting it then going to Edit>Hide or Show>Hide.

[b]*[/b]Glockenspiel and Xylophone staves are now set to the correct transposition (no transposition) (C4 = C4), and comfortable note ranges have been set properly.

[b]*[/b]Marimba staves now have a ";comfortable range"; for Low-A (4.3 octave) instruments, and ";professional range"; for Low-C (5 octave) instruments. This doesn't affect functionality other than notehead color indications in accordance to range.

[b]*[/b]Staff types for ";Vibes Sus Cym"; and ";Marimba Sus. Cym"; have been fixed.

[b]*[/b]Non-pitched Percussion Staves (battery and auxilliary) now have a note indicating which staff type is currently set. A note is tacked to the top of the score as well indicating instructions on how to create staff type changes. These text elements are simply there for your information, and can be deleted.

You may download the new and improved template from our [url=][b]Updates Page.[/b][/url]


I'm completely dense...

I appreciate the help!
It happens to the best of us! :)

Best regards.

I'm completely dense...

I appreciate the help!
You shouldn't be using Acrobat to open the file. Also, if you didn't already, when you click the link to download it, if your Windows browser pops up the window that says ";would you like to SAVE or OPEN this file..."; you should click button that says SAVE TO DISK.

The file you download is a .zip file. In most cases this will uncompress simply by double-clicking it since most modern computers can unzip these files with built-in software. Once unzipped, you'll have a folder containing the sibelius file and a readme.

Try launching Sibelius, select OPEN from the ";file"; menu, then opening it that way. Once you've successfully opened it, it's not a bad idea to re-save it on your computer so when you double-click it next time, it'll most likely launch into Sibelius automatically.
I downloaded the update, but I can't get it to open in Sibelius or at all. The error message reads that acrobat cannot open the file because it is corrupted. Is this my computer or is there a problem with the update?

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