New VDL:2 Templates

I'm still having a problem with the Marimba Sus. Cym. & Vibe Sus. Cym. staff types. Neither of them will let me view or add a key signature. I click on key signature in the ";edit staff type"; section and nothing happens. Am I missing a step or is this a glich? Thanks, Jason
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Hi Jason - the Marimba Sus. Cym and Vibes Sus. Cym staff types are ONLY for when you're using the suspended cymbals that are mapped to marimba and vibe instruments. For normal marimba and vibe parts, you shouldn't use a ";percussion"; staff type, but rather just use the plain old 5-line pitched staff type. By default, the Vibe and Marimba staves have these assigned in the template.

If you want to switch to a sus.cym. part mid-score, simply enter the staff type change at that point.
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