Before I buy...Pipes&Drums?

I am in a desperate search for the type of snares used with Scottish bagpipes. Will DL give me the “drums” part of “pipes & drums”? Can you point me to a demo that primarily uses the high pitched snares without a lot of the other drums?
Thank you so much…

I was also thinking of drumcat's suggestion. If you load VDL into a sampler that allows you to play with pitch, you might be able to synthetically ";simulate"; a Scottie drum, but it's still not the same thing as the marching drums used in VDL and VDL2.

Celtic Instruments has Scot snare drum and tenor drum (no bass though...) that are used with pipe bands. I don't think they're all that extensive, but they're in there. Their Scotty is a ";solo"; drum, so it won't give you a ";section"; sound though if that's what you're looking for.
What about an effect? The snares are close -- if you crank up the high end, won't that sound dual-snare? Just a thought...

You are looking for Scottish snares. VDL:1 and 2 use standard Pearl FFX snares. Most Scottish snares use a dual snare mechanism and the Pearl FFX does not.

I don't know of a library out there that has a sample of a scottish snare.
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