Sonar 4 help..making MP3s...

Anyone using Sonar 4 to make their VD2 creations into Mp3s??? I'm really confused as to what to do in order to make the MIDI an Mp3...i checked out that tutorial posted a while ago for using Cubase...but i still dont get what to do...i think its alot different...any help would be great...
Well, it's not terribly hard. You need to export the audio as a RIFF wav. It's very likely that you don't have the mp3 plug-in for Sonar, so you'll likely need to make it any other way... iTunes will even do that; that's of little concern.

1. Make sure there's no track selected.
2. Make sure that it's playing back as you expect.
3. Export as RIFF wav

You'll get a progress meter at the bottom as it compiles the wav. If you're not sure, freeze the synth, and export (same thing, really).

If you have any questions after trying this, be sure to be very specific in your steps. I do it all the time, and while Sonar can be a little picky about what audio is selected, it does work, and very well.
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