Jim and the tapspace team. I am impressed every day by your accomplishments with vd2 in percussion. The only problems that I am having is in my limited understanding of the program. I am currently using the rack combo for writing parts to an arrangement. I am trying to use the sus. cym roll short-long-med etc. Is there a way that it can be focused on entrances and releases so that it acurrately reflects the notation shown on the score. Also is it possible to make the cymbal rolls shorter-longer. Currently the notated roll starts a beat late, etc and when I try to change it a beat earlier it just doesn't line up. Thanks.
percatap - the short/medium/long suspended cymbal samples are a ";set"; duration. Meaning - you can't really change the length of the suspended cymbal roll. I've found however, that this is actually not a big deal. Basically, I'll find the one that's closest to the tempo I'm writing at, then write it as I want to see it.

If it's too long (hangs over on the release), I'll simply enter it in a beat earlier. If that moves it too far (relasing early), instead of a whole beat earlier, I'll change that to just a half-beat earlier. If you're picky about the look of your notation, you can always ";hide"; that early cheater note so it won't appear on the parts.

It's a bit of an unexact science, but I've not found it to hold me back in my own writing.

Hope that helps some...
I think my answer to this is in the mod wheel settings posting. Is that right?
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