Support for Finale 2002 ?

Hey, any chance that a VDL:2 template will be available for Finanle 2002? THANKS!
VDL2 will work fine with Finale 2002, however we are only currently offering the pre-formatted and mapped templates for versions 2003, 2004, and 2005. Of course, mappings can be manually created via Finale's Staff Attributes tool if you wish.
How complicated and time consuming is the mapping process tend to be for a novice mapper [like myself]?
Is there any chance that a template for Finale 2002 will be offered anytime in the near future?
Actually, Finale's Percussion Map editing is very user-friendly. You'd probably find it easiest to start by reading the ";Percussion Map"; section of your Finale documentation, then start small by simply assigning a few noteheads and staff line positions to particular MIDI notes in Finale just to get used to how it works.

At this time, Tapspace will be focusing on templates for the more current versions of Finale. We'd be more than happy to facilitate a way for 2002 users to create and share templates with each other though. Perhaps a ";user contributions"; portion of the UPDATES page. Food for thought I suppose...
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