Changing midi channels in Sibelius 3

Now that I have switched from Gigastudio to Kontakt 2, I need to be able switch channels (voices) in the score directly. I used to do this with program changes: ~P10, and so on. Is there an easy way do the same thing with channel changes? Thanks for your help.

Fortunately, Kontakt 2 handles program changes (like you did in Giga). So there wouldn't be the need to try and switch channels mid-score (which isn't possible in Sibelius i don't think).

To do this in K2, start by loading a ";New Instrument Bank";.

Click on the little wrench icon to view 128 different slots.

In this bank, drag VDL2 instruments from the browser (column on the left), into the bank slots.

The staff in Sibelius that routes to that K2 instrument bank can now change programs (patches) between the sounds you've loaded there. One important note: Program 001 in K2 will be program 0 (zero) in Sibelius. So for example if I have a brake drum loaded into slot 004 in Kontakt 2, to access that sound from sibelius, I'd send the command: ~P3 (program 3). It's always just ";minus one"; with the Sibelius definition.

At the moment, there are a few quirky things about some VDL2 instruments when running them in Kontakt 2. Eventually, we'll be posting a library update for K2 users that will specifically address these issues. For the most part, they'll work just fine.

Please let me know if you run into any snags along the way.
Just made another helpful discovery when using Sibelius and Kontakt 2. This has been there all along...I just never knew it:

*Kontakt 2 Instrument Banks uses PROGRAM 001-128
*Sibelius typically uses PROGRAMS 0-127
This is not new news.

So (for example) to send a program change to instrument #4 in K2, I used to just do the math (minus one), and enter ~P3 as the command in Sibelius, and voila! The instrument changes correctly. However, there's an easier way. Simply enter ~p4 (don't capitalize the 'p'), and it will correctly switch patches in K2.

Just a handy tidbit...
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