Mod-Wheel Settings using Oxygen 8

Could someone please tell me how to change the modulation wheel settings on an Oxygen 8 midi controler? Thank you ahead of time!

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If you're just playing with sounds via the Oxygen 8, just slide the mod-wheel (the one next to the pitch bend wheel).

If you're wanting mod-wheel changes to occur via Finale or Sibelius playback, you need to enter those controller changes into your score.

In Sibelius, simply type it in as ";technique text"; using this convention:

In Finale, you can either use the MIDI Tool, or assign mod-wheel (controller 1) changes to custom created text notes by creating a piece of text, and assigning ";playback options"; to it.

Keep in mind, the value you enter (for specifying mod-wheel position) will range from 1-127. ";1"; being down, and ";127"; being all the way up.
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