Triplets w/ flams in Finale

OK, one more Finale question. I can't seem to make triplet with flams, or more accurately, I can't make some, but I can make others. I'll explain:

On beat 3 and 4 I want two 8th note triplets. Simple enough. But I also want flams on the last note of the first triplet, and the second note of the second triplet. But when I get to the second triplet and turn the 8th note into a flam (I'm using command-G for grace note), then enter the last two 8th notes of that triplet, it gets messed up. I get a rhythm with tied sixteenth notes that extends over the barline.

I used to use the speedy entry for everything until I got VD2, so I haven't done much with the standard entry tool.
I assume you're using speedy note entry.

If so, enter all six triplet notes.

Then, go back and position the entry indicator on the note that will be a flammed note. Hold the shift key and enter the note which will be the grace note. Move the indicator to that newly entered note (using arrow keys) and press the semi-colon. This will change the new note to a grace note and leave your triplet intact.

- David
I'm using the simple entry. Is there a way to use the keyboard while using speedy entry? Also, what exactly does holding the shift key do? I've never done that before, so I'm just curious.

Before getting VD2, I used PrintMusic, which is a low-level version of Finale, and I ONLY used speedy entry. I never had any trouble using that method. Instead of going back and inserting the flam after writing the triplet like you suggested, I did it while creating the triplet using the semicolon. I'd prefer using the speedy tool if it does work with VD2.

I'm still confused as to why it doesn't work like it should using the simple entry method. Just to be clear, here's how I go about creating the triplet on beat 4 using simple entry:

1. I enter an 8th note
2. Hit command-9 to create a tuplet, and use 3 in the space of 2.
3. I enter the next 8th note.
4. Hit command - G to convert the 8th to a grace note
5. I enter 2 more 8th notes to complete the triplet, at which point it gets jacked.

Anyone know why that doesn't work?
Enter all three notes of the triplet with Simple Note Entry.

Then, go back and insert the grace note. It should work fine.

- David
I'm assuming the process is the same, using shift. Does the shift allow you to add extra notes?
Finale has their own forums for non-VDL2 related questions
Grace note features of Finale work with VDL2 the same as they would with other playback sources. As with many things in Finale, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so use the method that works best for you. Finale documentation and forums should have all this info readily available as well.
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