Mac OSX iBook, Sibelius, Reason, and VD1

I am considering purchasing Reason 3.0 to use as a sample sound source device (among its other possibilities) while using Sibelius and VD1 on my Mac OSX G4 iBook. Is this possible, or do I need to use Kontakt?

Thank you for your help!
The NN-XT should do the trick. Before you take my word on it, use the demo so you don't have any surprises. It also has some cool features like alternating zones that you can play with.
Reason and VDL1 will work just fine. Use the NN-XT sampler, you will need to set up at least 4 of them ( 1 for each battery instrument). If you wish to use the additional tenor and bass sets (puffies, etc.) you will need additional samplers. In my opinion if you want full access to all of the VDL1 sounds with the least amount of hassle use Kontakt. VDL2 will not work with Reason because of the way in which the files are encoded.

Ted Boliske
What Ted said... if you're going to be dropping that kind of money, Kontakt 2 might be a fine alternative...
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