FANTASTIC alternative to Bidule for OSX Tiger users... FREE!

Hey everyone, I was just messing around with OSX Tiger, and installed the Developer tools(Available on the Tiger install DVD). One of the programs included is a program called AU Lab, which allows you to load multiple instances of Audio Unit plugins- such as VD2 or Kompakt/Kontakt, and can accept input from any midi source (IAC Driver). The best part is that It includes an Audio Recorder as well, built into the output. I'm just now figuring it out, but it appears to be just as full featured as bidule, yet it's built into the operating system. If I figure out more, I will post it.

(If anyone is going to do this, realize it installs these applications in Macintosh HD, not in Applications.)
Hey Matt,

Cool! Please do let us know if you can offer some more info on your discovery. Maybe you'd be interested in writing up a tutorial on it? Sounds very promising!

Thanks! :)
Yeah. I would be interested in knowing how that works. I just bought a new mac mini and I havent installed the update to 10.4 yet. Everything works with the new MAC osX correct? Maybe I missed it. I just purchased Cubase SE for my mac and planned on using that for mp3 making of my files.

Scott, make sure you install cubase BEFORE you upgrade to tiger. I was on the steinberg website, and it said you must do that or cubase will not install(I've been looking at doing the same thing). Everything else works--Sibelius, Finale should, and VDL2 does as well. Have fun with your new mac, i'm getting a new iMac in a week or two, so I'll finally be able to actually RUN this stuff!
Cool - Thanks.
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