Trouble Copying and Pasting

Ok, I know this not a VDL2 topic, but it really is. I am trying to transfer my mallet percussion parts from a reguar band template (from Sibelius) to the VDL2 Template, however for some apparent reason it copies all the notes, but not the time signatures. Could someone please help me out because I have some work to do and if I have to rewrite the whole thing again then it's going to be a nightmare. Thanks in advance.

Juan Mendoza
Perth Amboy H.S. Band Director :D
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Fear not. This is indeed a Sibelius problem, but you won't have to re-enter your whole score. Simply start by entering all your varioius time signatures into the blank VDL2 template. Once you've got that precisely lined up, copying and pasting music from another score will place them into the template just fine.

It's an extra step, but a necessary one if you're doing this. I always do this as well by pasting wind parts into my full score template when starting a new chart. It's not too bad...just be certain you have the right number of bars in each time signature.
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