Anyway to contact a Tapspace rep?

I have VD1, and just saw that VD2 is now out. And the discounted price is no longer available. Is there anyway I can get this new program for the discounted price? Because I spent $250+ just to get VD1 and the Audigy stuff to make it work right, and to me I feel like it's not exactly fair that just cause I don't visit this site often I'm not eligible for the discount. But that's just me, and I'm kinda p.o.ed. Any help would be appreciated.
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We began accepting pre-orders for Virtual Drumline 2 in February, and offered VDL1 users the ability to participate in an early discount campaign for early buyers for three months (May 20th was the deadline to receive forms). There was also a widespread announcement made via our mailing list to inform about the sale. We feel this was ample time to offer early buyers to take part.

We're sorry if there's any sore feelings that you weren't able to get in on the offer. If you'd like to be notified of future promotions, you may sign up for our email list at:

For what it's worth, VDL:2 is [b]not[/b] an ";upgrade"; to VDL1, meaning that it simply adds features to an already existing product. Rather, VDL2 is an entirely new product altogether. With this in mind, it's necessary for us to sell it at its full price, which is actually very reasonable when you take a look at how much soundware generally sells for.

You might check with some of our dealers to see if they sell VDL:2 at lower prices. Try checking with McCormicks, Brook Mays, or Woodwind & Brasswind.
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