Help with Keyboard setup...


I am using the oxygen 8 keyboard and I was wondering if I maybe missed a step in the setup but When I load the instruments into the Virtual drumline, I can only hear the first instrument that i loaded. So If I load the snares first, and then load tenors and bass, and click on the tenors to hear their sounds, i still can only hear the snares. Is that how it is suppose to be? or did I really miss something big?

Thanks again,
Randy Metz
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Randy - if you're playing VDL2 directly from your Oxygen 8, to play an instrument that's on another channel, you first need to switch channels from the Oxygen 8 using its MIDI function keys. Simply clicking on screen to the next instrument won't actually change the MIDI channel being sent from your Oxy8. There's info in the owners manual that spells out exactly how to change channels on the keyboard. It's actually pretty simple.
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