VDL2/Kontakt 2 Program Bank Issues

Hi Jim,

I just cracked open VDL2 using the samples in Kontakt 2. I noticed that when I load longer samples (i.e. glocks, crotales, chimes etc.) into program banks in K2 there is some jerky entry latency happening. When I playback it's even worse. This does not happen, however, when I load samples into its own MIDI channel. I don't think it's a CPU thing. As you can see below in my computer specs I have enough power. It seems to be a polyphony issue. The samples are overlapping as they are triggered causing the number of voices to compound. This is where the clipping and misfires occur. The polyphony is set at 32 voices, but this is not a problem when working outside of the program bank environment.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I specifically bought Kontakt 2 with VDL2 because of the dense scores I write. I want to take advantage of loading more than 8 instances and the program change features.


Tony Lymon

PowerMac G5 OSX 10.3.9
Dual 1.8 GHz
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Hi Tony - K2 should work just fine with your setup. From what you're describing, it sounds like this may be a DFD thing which can be a little finicky. For the absolute best performance possible (especially with dense scores), it's best to load the entire instrument to RAM.

In K2, you can do this by loading the instrument, click the edit button (the little wrench), and next to where it says ";source"; change it from DFD to ";Sampler."; Since doing this will quickly start to eat up your RAM, I'd suggest starting by doing it only on the instruments that seem to be giving you problems.

It may be worth tweaking your DFD slider before doing all that to see if it helps your performance.

If you do decide to start loading more instruments directly into RAM, you may find that 1GB of RAM isn't much for thick scoring purposes. As always, the more RAM, the better.
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