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I have 2.5GB of RAM, Windows XP, Kontakt 2, Sibelius, VD2, and an Oxygen 8 midi controller. I am very frustrated at this point. First of all, my playback is extremely choppy, even when I am just running winds and battery percussion. When I add pit voices this gets even worse. When I input program changes they are not always registering correctly either.

The oddest thing that is happening though, is that different sounds are being triggered when they are not supposed to be. For example, if I use a triangle or cymbals in a score, they will randomly come in and play along with my snares or basses from time to time, and I have all of the channels set accordingly. I also will get xylophone glissandos triggered from time to time as well, even though I have never inputed one into a part.

I have a show that needs to be finished right away, so I though I would go back to VD1 and just do it the old way, but now incorrect sounds are being triggered there too. For example, in the snare part, various crushes and rim shots are being triggered in a basic right hand/left hand part. Could this be my midi controller that is inputting things incorrectly? I am very confused. I opened an old score and it did not have any playback problems with VD1, it just seems to be happening when I enter new parts. I apologize for the lenght of this message, but I hope that you can help me out.


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Jim - any choppiness you may be experiencing may be the result of certain settings, not necessarily having the guns to run it. You didn't list your processor speed however, so it's hard to tell. With 2.5 gigs of ram, you may very well benefit from NOT using the DFD extension. If you can load all samples to RAM, performance will generally be better. If you need help with that process, give me a call at the tapspace office and I'll do my best to help you out.

Xylo gliss problem sounds like you have some mod-wheel controller changes that are being activated somewhere.

Program changes to Kontakt 2 should be written in sibelius like this for example to switch to program 003 (note the lower-case ";p";...this is important!):

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