Sibelius 2.1.1?

Will VDL:2 work with Sibelius 2.1.1 or should you have 3.x?

Better yet is anyone out there using VDL:2 with Sibelius 2.1.1?
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Yes, VDL2 will work with Sibelius 2.1.1. Keep in mind, you don't technically load VDL2 into Sibelius at all. The main consideration with Sibelius is whether it allows percussion mapping, so you can enter a certain midi pitch, then have it display on another staff line. Sibelius 2.1.1 was the first version that offered this.

You will need to create your own percussion mapping however since the Tapspace Sibelius template is only compatible with version 3.x.x. This process is done through the ";edit staff types"; window and can be a bit cumbersome when dealing with large instruments such as those in VDL2.
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