Cresc/Decr in Finale

I can't get Cresc/Decr playback thru VD2 using Finale 2004 on the Mac. All other articulations and dynamics work fine. The cresc/decr. also play correctly when using Finale's built in sounds, but I get nothing from VD2.
[quote=";mcp";]Just out of curiosity, were the samples performed at different dynamics? If so, I can see how using key velocity would make a difference.[/quote]

Absolutely! That's a big reason you can achieve good realism with VDL2. Playing notes as softer velocities will call up recordings (samples) that were performed at lower heights. So when you're hearing dynamic contrast, it's not just because things are louder or softer versions of one sample. They're actually recordings of soft hits, medium hits, loud hits, and many variations in between.

For this reason, controlling dynamics with velocity is definitely the best approach with this library.
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