Ritards, Accelrandos, et al.

Hello all!

Would someone be so kind as to recommend the best way to approach ritards and accelerandos (and other alterations in tempo) in Finale 2004/Virtual Drumline 2? I am using the Kontakt Player and Finale 2004 with my VD2. I'll look forward to your responses.

Take care!

Neal Flum

I have found that the following plug-in does a good job of creating accel. and rits. It is a free download. It is not perfect. However, it does save some time. There is a way to create them in Finale's Human Playback. But I have seem to forgotten the steps. I spent several hours trying to remember it when I found this plug-in. It is a quick fix.

JW Tempo - http://www.jwmusic.nu/freeplugins/

I hope this helps!

Luke Aylsworth
Director of Bands
Springs Valley Jr./Sr. High School
French Lick, IN

Hello!�� Thanks for the response.�� I was on a mission trip in Mexico last week
and just now got around to trying the link you sent me.�� When I tried to
open the file you directed me to, I received an ";invalid file type"; error message.
Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong or how I might
remedy the error message?��

Take care and have a great day!

Neal Flum
Associate Director of Athletic Bands
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