Program Crashing

I'm having problems on my laptop with the program crashing. I am using Sibelius 3 along with VDL: 2. Whenever I attempt playback, VDL: 2 crashes... my current system configuration is a pentium 4 3.0 ht processor with 512 mb ram... is it crashing because of the lack of memory or what?
Hi Chris - while 512 isn't much RAM for running samples, it should still work fine. However, if you've loaded large amounts of instruments at once, and what you're trying to playback is highly polyphonic, it's possible your machine may not like it too much. To really determine what's happening, some more specifics will be needed.

Is is [b]only[/b] VDL2 that's crashing, or is your whole machine locking up?

Are you using DFD (direct from disc)?

If so, how have you configured DFD settings in the OPTIONS window?

What Virual MIDI Cable are you using to connect Sibelius 3 to VDL2?

How many instruments are you trying to play back at once when the problem ocurrs, and does the same result happen if you're just playing back 1 or 2 staves?

All in all VDL2 has been very stable and crashes are rare, so it may be something within your system...perhaps your soundcard driver? It might also be helpful if you could list the settings that appear in the ";soundcard"; setup window from VDL2 as well.
Jim -

Only VDL: 2 is crashing... at the time i was only using snare tenor and bass lite versions with the dfd extension.

the preload buffer is 192 k
the voice buffer size is 384 k
reserved voices is 64
total memory is 24 mb

I'm currently using maple midi as my virtual midi cable

unfortunately this happens regardless of how many voices i'm playing back... I'm headed out right now to purchase more memory.. we'll see how it goes.


I'm currently running on 1.25 GB of ram... but with no results. I've checked all the channels, I've tried running it with marble maple midi tools open and closed. I've check for driver updates, everything is current. All other sounds on my computer are functional. I don't really know what else to do right now.

What kind of soundcard does your laptop have? From what I can tell, Windows laptops can vary widely in the type of hardware used, so if your laptop has a generic soundcard that may have something to do with it.

Let's focus on the items available in your SOUNDCARD (Audio Setup) window in VDL2. Please list the options you have available there so we might determine if there's some sort of hardware problem going on.

Another thing you might want to try is installing the ASIO4all driver, and setting that as your Output Device in VDL2. It's an alternative ASIO driver that sometimes gives good results for users that have lower end soundcards. You can learn more about it at

Hang in there. I'm sure there is a solution.


I installed the asio4all and it fixed the issue I was having... with 1.25 gb of ram I can load all the instruments in their full versions and my computer is still pretty quick!

thank you for all the help you have given me... you truely know your product inside and out. I was starting to lose hope for a bit there, but you got me through it! Thanks again for all your help.


btw, my sound card is SigmaTel Audio C-major series... incase it happens for someone else... which it probably will :)
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