Has anyone used Cakewalk Music Creator?

I was looking around in best buy tonight and I saw this program on the shelf and I wondered if it can accomplish making an mp3 from a midi file in the same way as Sonar does at a lower price.

I've kind of toyed around w/ Sonar and I know the sounds are loaded using the VST plug in. Does the Music Creator work in the same way?

I know it mentioned on the box that it can make sound files from midi files but it didn't specifically say that it handles the VST.

It does say that it is DXi compatible, how does VD2 work like that?



To the best of my knowledge, Cakewalk products (Sonar, etc) use the DX plug-in format. Basically this works just like VST. VDL2 does indeed include a DXi version. If you decide to go this route, just be sure you've installed the VDL2 DXi plugin from the VDL2 installer. I know there are some people here that use Sonar, and I'd assume it's similar to what you're talking about, but it's always best to get an expert opinion from someone who's actually used it.

Check out the Glossary in the VDL2 manual for a quick overview of various plug-in and audio driver formats.
Thanks for the info.

I got the assumtion that it should work but you know what happens when people assume.

I defintetly want to make sure before I drop 40 bucks on the product.
HI -- can anyone help me figure out how to intall the VDL:2  DX plug-in?  I chose to install it along with the other install options, but can't figure out how to ";install"; this plug-in so that I can use it to make recordings from Cakewalk... Any suggetions are appreciated!
Within Music Creator (and maybe all other Cakewalk products from what I've seen) you will need to go into the Insert Menu and select the DX Synth Option from the menu. You should see another menu option for NI. Go that and then you should see Virtual Drumline 2 listed as an option there. Select it and it will add it to your file so you can assign the midi channels through it.

Thats how it appear on my system. I'm not positive about this but to use it as a VST, you might need to use a seperate VST adapter that Cakewalk has. I don't believe you have to use it as a VST and it should load fine as a DX instrument.
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