Need help sending MIDI from Sibelius to VDL2

Hey sorry I know this may be elementary but i have VD:2, Sibelius 3.1.3, and Maple Midi Tools virtual midi cable. I can run Sibelius and VD:2 fine apart from each other but i cant find the way to bring them together using the virtual midi cable. I downloaded the VD:2 template for Sibelius but that just confuses me even more than the virtual midi cable.

Any form of help would be well appriciated. From the Input to the Sound Devices, I'm not sure what's going on. PLEASE HELP.

Thank you.
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Open your Maple Midi tools and in the options, make sure that Input from Notation/Sequencer program is checked... that's part of it.
In Sibelius 3, you need to go into Play->Devices. For your output, you should have the maple midi out's listed as available ports, click maple midi port 1 ";on";, and makre sure output to your sound card is turned off. In VDL:2, go into your midi settings, and make sure that for your input, that maple midi port 1 in is turned on... there is no need for an output... you can e-mail me @ if you have other questions, or aim me @ vandydrummer...

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