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I thought I'd pass this along since I thought it was really cool.

Adam Nyreen is a VDL:1 user and used the library to compose the drumline parts to accompany this excerpt from the soundtrack to ";Signs."; He used Cakewalk to mix his VDL track along with the source material from the soundtrack. Check it out at:

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Great stuff Adam!
Very neat.

Try http://geocities.com/brassinstructor/adam and see if that works. That should take you directly to the right page.

is anyone else able to get those addresses to work? The second url just redirects to the first for me, which shows a 'file not found' page...
Thanks, Jake. Mixing with Cakewalk was an idea I kind of stumbled on out of necessity (the show was designed, I was ready to write, and the wind score was running behind). I've been tooling around with the program and found that it can be used even when the tempo of whatever recording you're using is unsteady by ";stretching"; selected parts to fit timewise (I'm still a novice with the program...only time will tell whether it's worth the effort).

I know you can find royalty-free loops and recordings, with various different genres from which to choose. A lot of VDL users have done a fantastic job of incorporating synthesized sounds into the mix -- using loops wouldn't be too much of a stretch, if it is done artfully. Just a thought.

I could only get to this file by going to the following address:

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In case anyone else has problems.

Thanks for the heads up Jim.

Great work Adam!
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