VD with Encore

I'm using VD with Encore. When I'm using drums from VD with MIDI instruments from Encore (such as a horn or bass guitar sound), they don't line up properly. The VD sounds are just a hair late. What's the problem?

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You are triggering sounds from two different sound sources. The general MIDI sounds are most likely coming from onboard your soundcard, and VDL2 sounds are coming from VDL2. Since these two ";devices"; may respond to midi messages in different ways, you may have to make some adjustments to help line them up.

You might be able to tighten this up a little if you move the latency slider down a bit. This is located in the SOUNDCARD portion of the SETUP window in VDL2. If you aren't able to adjust latency (this aspect is dependent on the drivers for your particular soundcard), I'd recommend you download the ASIO4all soundcard driver at: http://www.asio4all.com

Hope this helps!
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