VD2 metronome use for cakewalk products

OK, Now That I've figured out how to make mp3s using the Cakewalk Music Creator, how can I insert the metronome sounds into Music Creator?

Currently I am using the metronome sound in the mixer of Sibelius but I seem to lose that track when I save it as a midi file to import into Music Creator.

I know Music Creator has an internal metronome to use. Can I import the metronome file into music creator and assign it to the program's metronome to add to my sound files?
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I'm not a Cakewalk user, so I might not be the best source of info on this. But in your sequencer, there should most likely be a setup area to assign a sound source for a click track, along with MIDI pitches to use for downbeats, and other beats. You can load the VDL2 ";Metronome"; patch, and point Cakewalk's click track to use whichever midi pitches (from that instrument) you'd like to hear.

I don't think Sibelius actually exports click track info to MIDI files (i could be wrong), so i think you'd be best served creating the click track in Cakewalk itself.

Others may have some alternate (better) suggestions though. :)
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