VDL-2 Crashng on iMAC

Hello all,

My name is Andrew Anderson and just received Virtual Drumline 2 in the mail. I completed the installation and registration processes with no trouble. I launched VDL 2 and configured the settings in the dialog box. After successfully completing these configurations, I loaded up the marimba full/med birch sample into the player. I played some notes on my midi keyboard and was BLOWN AWAY - WOW! Very excitedly, I tried to load up another instrument into the same instance of the VDL-2 player. Upon doing so, the program crashed and I was given the option to send a bug report to Apple. I didn't send the report - I just tried launching VDL-2 again. No luck. Now, as soon the player appears, the program crashes. It crashes before I even get the opportunity to load any samples. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the system I am using:

Apple iMac G-4 800mhz
1 gig of RAM
MAC OS X 10.3.9
Presonus FirePod Audio/Midi Interface
Yamaha p-60 Electronic Piano (as MIDI Controller)

Thanks In Advance For Your Time,

Andrew Anderson

Cool! Send the info along. It'll be great to hear what you've been cooking up! VDL2 recording submissions can be sent directly to Tapspace at: vdrumline@tapspace.com
Hello again,
�� �� ��In your last post you mentioned that you might like to hear some of the arrangements I have done using VDL-2.�� I just finished a front ensemble arrangement to accompany the overture to the movie ";Dancer In The Dark";.�� The wind arrangement was done by Jeff Simmons.�� I have made an .mp3 file that uses VDL-2 exclusively for the percussion sounds. The .mp3 also contains the wind parts (using samples from the Reason 2.5 Orkester soundbank) from Mr. Simmons' score mixed at a slightly lower volume than the percussion.�� If you would like to hear it, I will be happy to send you the .mp3 file as well as a list all of the VDL-2 samples and software used (if you would also like that information). - Just let me know where I need to send it.

Andrew Anderson

Good call Ted. We should put together a ";Mac Troubleshooting 101"; tutorial sometime as a general reference.

Anyway - glad to hear the problem's been solved Andrew, and we'll eagerly be looking forward to hearing some of your creations with it. :) Enjoy!
Hi again,
Just for the record - I did use disk utility to verify and repair disk permissions after the install (I always do after installing new software). I also tried re-booting 5-6 times. The program continued to crash repeatedly. I guess I should have included all of this information in my original post. :) Thankfully, it is working just fine now - after the re-install.

Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice.

Andrew Anderson
It is also wise to repair permissions, through disk utility, both before and after installing new software. And as Jim said, install and then reboot before you play with the new toys.

Ted Boliske
Thanks for the prompt reply! I simply uninstalled and re-installed VDL-2 and everything works just fine. I would have tried your suggestion, but I re-installed before it was posted. I think that your assumption about the pref files is probably correct, but I cannot say for sure.

Thanks for such a great product!

Andrew Anderson
Hmmm - this doesn't sound too common.

For starters, it's always a good idea to re-boot your machine.

Once you've re-booted, if you're still having problems, I'm wondering if one of the pref files became damaged from the first crash. Try this:

On your mac, do a ";Find"; (command-f) for the following files. Once you've found them, drag them to the trash and empty it.

Virtual Drumline 2.plist
com.native-instruments.Virtual Drumline 2.plist

Once you've trashed those files, try re-launching VDL2, and see if it happens again. Let us know your results!
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