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Hello again,

I have some questions regarding your template for finale 2005. I know that you have gone to great lengths to create percussion maps that correspond with the key maps of the instruments in VDL-2. I am confused, however how to get my score to appear correctly. For example if I load snare line auto RL into the player and then try to enter notes using the B3 key (the main hits sample), Finale 2005 notates anything I play on the ";B"; in the staff (treble cleff). It would make sense to me to have this sound appear in the normal C space with a normal notehead. When I play the C4 key on my keyboard (the key that usually corresponds to the conventional placement of snare drum notes in the staff), I get the rimshots sample triggered and a note with a slash through the notehead appears in the ";A"; in the staff. It would make sense to me to have this sound appear in the normal C space with an altered notehead (an ";x"; perhaps). I realize that I need help understanding the basics of how a percussion map works. I would like to be able to write and have a file that looks correct while playing the proper samples. If someone could help me make some sense of this, I would be greatful.

Andrew Anderson
Hey Ted,

Thanks for the guidance - everything is working fine.


The process is fairly straight ahead.

- open the Finale template
- select the Staff tool
- from the Staff pull down menu select Edit Staff Attributes
- choose the staff (ex. snare)
- from Notation Style select percussion and click select (as long as you choose a battery instrument from a VDL2 template to edit it should already say 'Percussion')
- this brings up a box with all available percussion maps as well as the opportuntity to create new maps or edit existing maps
- click on the appropriate map (snare full, auto R/L, etc)
- click Select, this returns you to the main Attribute box
- click OK and you're back to the template


Thanks for your reply. I'll be looking forward to the tutorial.

Andrew Anderson
You will also need to select the correct percussion map in the staff attributes tool. I'll post a detailed process in a couple of hours.

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