VDL2 Not Saving as MP3 in Finale2005

VDL2 is running great on my PC. Playback and functionality are awesome, everything seems to be running smooth. I can save mus. file's as  MP3's but its not pulling the VDL2 sounds from the interface. When i open the MP3 on itunes/windows media player the track title and length show up, just not getting any sound at all.
Can anyone help with this? Do I need a sequencer to do this? I'm currently running Finale2005 and VDL2 and using the downloadable templates... Help!
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Hey Tony!

Finale's ";save as audio file"; feature will only capture audio from staves that are playing out through the SmartMusic SoftSynth thing. You're recording an audio file, but there's no audio going into it, which is why it's silent when you play the audio file. Since VDL2 doesn't load into Finale this way, you'd need to use a different program to capture audio. Incidentally, the same limitation exists within Sibelius as it will only record audio from its own internal sounds.

There are several freeware/shareware type recorders that can probably do the trick for you. WireTap works great for Mac OSX, and No.1 Sound Recorder works well for Windows folks. Do a search for ";audio record"; at http://www.versiontracker.com, and I'm sure you'll find many others.
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