Sibelius 3, Remapping Bass Drum Staff Type?

In VDL1 I remapped the bass parts so that the top bass was on G above the staff and it wasn't too terrible of a process (just click the right note and drag it up a third in the Staff Types dialog).  I think I might have even posted that to the forum.

I really like that VDL2 has 6 basses, because 5-1 are very well suited to indoor tuning and 6-2 are very well suited to a more outdoor tuning.  The problem is that if I use the latter, the mapping is what it was on VDL1 (D->E) and I'd like to have it F->G (essentially just move the mappings up a third and deal with the smallest drum on B above the staff since it won't be used by me).

But there are a LOT of notes in this mapping :-).  I mean a lot.  I look at that mass of notes in the mapping and it's just flat out scary.

My question is are there any easier ways of editing this mapping?  Is it represented internally in the file format anywhere that you could hex edit?  Could you access it through ManuScript?  Is there a good way to use the Staff Types dialog without just poking notes until you select the right one?

I know I'm going to have to do this to get the mapping and sound combo that I want, I was just wondering if there were any ways to ease the pain before I go poking.



One solution is to move the ";tune"; controller dial to -3.00.

Everything (everything) is now lower.  Rolls are slower, as the samples aren't modified, but just slowed down.

Maybe that isn't the best solution.  Best luck!

- David

Have you tried the same changes you made in VDL1?  I know there are a ton of things in the map but if you could find the ones for the regular notes, it might not be as bad as you think.

Just a thought.
Yeah I did the regular ones easy enough, but then there's the whole ";ah now I need tonal rim clicks"; and I can't remember if I converted those or not and I'm staring at this mess of notes.  I think for sanity's sake I'd prefer to do it en masse so I wouldn't have to make changes down the road, but it is a pretty hairy process to do it all.
Good point.  It was just a thought.

To be honest, before I started using VDL I had my bass parts scored the same way you are trying to achieve but now I just deal with the fact that the map is laid out differently.  No biggie - just a matter of personal preference I guess.
You think it's hard trying to remap, try doing the map for the first time.  :)

One thing to remember when you remap is that there are several headless notes.  I don't think I put any in the basses, but I know there are some in the snares.  So, if you ever decide to remap anything for the snares, let me know and I'll show you where the headless notes are since they don't appear in the mapping screen.
Haha, yeah I imagine that wasn't too fun.

If it's not located in the map screen (the headless notes that is) where do you access them?  Can you access all maps this way?  Could that be a little easier (or at least more precise) than poking and dragging?

Just some thoughts.
Hey Bill,

This is [color=Red]slightly[/color] off topic but what exactly is that thing in your signature:


Just curious.

According to the Google oracle it looks like a phrase from the Phi Mu Alpha men's music fraternity.  You can find what it means in the alumni guide at


but it may be one of those things that you're not supposed to know unless you're a brother so I won't post it :-) (look for ";Once a...";)
All I can say is...

Bill is a hero for having created those nasty battery staff types in Sibeilus (even with his funny signature) :)

And Justin, you are a brave man...Good luck!!
OAS AAS LLS!!!  Is indeen a Sinfonian thing.  Once A Sinfonian, Always A Sinfonian, Long Live Sinfonia!!!  Phi Mu Alpha is a professional music fraternity for men.  I've been a proud member since 1991.

Jim's just jealous because they wouldn't let him join when he was in college.  :)

Justin, if you need help remapping the bass parts, let me know.  I know a thing or two about the maps.  ;)  To find the headless notes, you have to click and pray.  I think I'm the only person that knows exactly where they are on the new templates.  Even I lost them once when I had to make some changes.  Like I said though, I don't think there are any headless ones in the bass maps.
Thanks Bill & Justin.  I didn't even think of checking out google.
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