combining winds and percussion/Finale 2004 & VDL2

Hello everyone!

I have figured out VDL2 and have had no problem working
with battery scores, front ensemble scores, or the two
combined.  I am about to start writing our show music
in which I combine the winds and percussion and make
a CD for the band to use to rehearse their visual program
at band camp and beyond.  We also place these sound
files in our music section for our students to listen to,
and play along with.

(By the way, I am using the Maple midi-cable with my set-up, Finale 2004,
and Kontakt Player).

A few questions:
1.  With Finale 2004 and VDL1, I assigned the wind sounds to channels 5 and above, skipping 8.  Do I do the same with VDL2 and Finale 2004?  (I used a Soundblaster Sound card and Sound Fonts)
2.  With VDL1 and the Soundblaster Sound card, I placed the Percussion sounds in the synth bank and
the winds sounds in 001.  Where do we place the wind sounds with VDL2?
3.  Can I combine the battery, winds, and front ensemble in one score
without having to incorporate additional software?  Or engage a complex process for doing so?

I suspect that, basically so, I would like some guidance as to how I
should configure all of my elements so I can put together the
percussion and winds sounds.  Any input will be greatly appreciated!

Take care and have a great day!

Neal Flum
Associate Director of Athletic Bands
The University of Alabama

p.s.  I misspelled ";accelerando"; in one of my posts.
I hate when that happens.

As always, thank you so much for your assistance with my question.�� For those of
you using Finale 2004, VDL2, and Kontakt Player who wish to combine
percussion with winds:

1.�� Go to do Midi on your menu choices at the top of the page.
2.�� Click on Midi Set-up.
3.�� Click on ";advanced"; in the midi set-up dialog box.
4.�� Go to the right side of the dialog box.
5.�� You should find ";midi out.";
6.�� You will see the number 17, indicating the beginning of Channels 17 - 32.
7.�� There is a drop-down menu to the left of 17 and under ";Midi Out.";
8.�� Pick your sound source for your wind sounds.
9.�� Click ";ok"; and now you are ready to move on in the process.

You are now good to go.�� You will, when creating a score combining winds
and percussion, need to assign channels to your wind instruments.��
To do that . . .

1.�� Go to ";Window"; on your menu choices at the top of the page.
2.�� Click on instrument list.�� Program your instruments for Channels 17 - 32.
3.�� Idea:�� I always add my winds to the VDL 2004 template using the
";new staves with set-up wizard.";
4.�� Click on the ";staff tool"; and then go to ";Staff"; in your menu options at the
top of the page.
5.�� Typically, you will want to do this in ";scroll view.";

If anyone has any improvements to the info I have offered or has
corrections, please do offer them.�� I hope what I have offered helps
those who, like me, sometimes struggle with the learning curve
involved with new technology/softtware.�� It is worth the
patience and persistence.

Thanks again, Jim.�� That you take the time to help so many of us attests
to your commitment to your product and what I have come to know:
you are a patient and genuinely kind fellow who is always willing to help.


Finale 2006 will have greater support for Kontakt Player(s) including the addition of a Garriton Player and increased number of MIDI channels, up to 126 if I remember correctly, when using the built in players. There is more complete info on the Coda website and a demo should be posted in the near future.

Hi Neal,

You'll probably want to configure Finale's MIDI Setup so that it's playing percussion sounds via VDL2, and wind sounds via your internal sound card. To do this in Finale, I believe you need to do so in chunks of 16 midi channels. So for example, you'd set (in Finale's MIDI Setup):

Channels 1-16 Output: Maple MIDI (goes to VDL2)
Channels 17-32 output: Creative Soundblaster

Once you've done this, of course you'll need to make all the proper channel/program settings in Finale's ";Instrument List"; window. Here, you'll probably only need to focus on the VDL2 channel numbers to make them work properly, but with wind sounds (which are General MIDI based), you'll need to set channel numbers (17-32) accordingly, as well as setting instrument program numbers. Most likely, selecting wind sounds from the GM column should work.

Since you'll be triggering wind/percussion sounds from two different sound sources, you may find it helpful to play around with the latency settings in VDL2's soundcard setup to get the best results in lining everything up. This is dependent on system/soundcard, and will vary from computer to computer, so it's possible that no real tweaks are necessary.

Let us know if that helps steer you in the right direction. :)
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