Taiko Drums Keymap

Has anyone seen the VDL:2 Taiko drum keymap in the user manual -- I'm not seeing it anywehre.  Is it possible to download it?

Thanks Jim, for your terrific support on this sensational product!
As many may have already noticed, there are not keymap diagrams for [b]every[/b] instrument in the VDL2 user guide. Manual space (and pre-release proof/production time) were limited, and many of the instruments are simply easy enough to learn by the simple ";hunt and peck"; method, since highlighted keys will appear on the on-screen keyboard.

If you need help with the Taiko keymap, it's as follows:

From low to high:

C/D = RH and LH hits

C#/D# = RH and LH rims

E - drum flam
F - rim flam
G - soft roll
A - louder roll
B - rubato 1
C - rubato 2
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