Taiko Drums Keymap

Has anyone seen the VDL:2 Taiko drum keymap in the user manual -- I'm not seeing it anywehre.  Is it possible to download it?

As many may have already noticed, there are not keymap diagrams for [b]every[/b] instrument in the VDL2 user guide. Manual space (and pre-release proof/production time) were limited, and many of the instruments are simply easy enough to learn by the simple ";hunt and peck"; method, since highlighted keys will appear on the on-screen keyboard.

If you need help with the Taiko keymap, it's as follows:

From low to high:

C/D = RH and LH hits

C#/D# = RH and LH rims

E - drum flam
F - rim flam
G - soft roll
A - louder roll
B - rubato 1
C - rubato 2
Thanks Jim, for your terrific support on this sensational product!
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