Soundcard Help - buzzing sound

Hey Guys,

I've installed VDL2 & Finale 2005 on Windows Xp PRO, 2.4GHz pentium 4 & 1GB RAM.

I've checked the inputs and outputs to VDL2 & Finale and whenever I try to add notes it makes a buzzing sound not the VDL sounds.  Is this a problem with my soundcard or speakers?  What else can I check?

What kind of Soundcard and speakers do you have?
It'll help if you can give a more detailed listing of how you've set the following:

VDL2: soundcard settings

VDL2: MIDI-in and MIDI-out settings

FINALE: MIDI Setup settings
Jim, thanks for responding, here are my setup options...

VDL2 Sound Card Settings: 

Interface: Direct Sound
Sample Rate: 44100
Output Device: DS Soundmax Digital Audio
Output Latency: 10ms

VDL2 Midi Settings:

Midi Yoke NT: 1 is the only one ";ON";

Everything is ";OFF";

Finale MIDI Setup Settings:

Input: Edirol PCR 1 (Midi Keyboard Controller), Base Channel 1
Output: Midi Yoke NT 1, Base Channel 1

In regards to the soundcard & speaker question:

The soundcard is a DS SoundMAX, the stock Dell Optiplex GX270 souncard with harman/kardon desktop speakers.

Thanks again everyone for your help!

Again, these are the settings that I have which returns a buzzing noise, I have not been able to correct it...

In the VDL2 soundcard settings, under ";interface"; check to see if you have anything other than Direct Sound. If not, try downloading and installing the ASIO4all driver at: Your soundcard is probably not geared toward high quality audio and may be causing the problem. This driver may help. Once you've installed it, restart your machine, and select the ASIO settings for the soundcard setup.

Let us know if this helps.

THANK YOU!  I did have another setting under the soundcard interface ";multimedia"; and this did work!  I did not download the ASIO driver... should I still though?  Because the latency is pretty long...


";If it ain't broke, don't fix it.";  :)
[quote author=drumcat link=topic=693.msg2640#msg2640 date=1119969271]
";If it ain't broke, don't fix it.";  :)
True dat! :) I wouldn't mess with the latency or driver unless you find it's causing some sort of problems for you.
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