Snares, Tenors, Bass, Cymbals and nothing else.

Hi again Tapspace.  I hate to keep bugging you but I'm not very literate with some of this stuff.

Again, using Sibelius 3.1.3, over 1G of RAM, pentium 4 processor, Dell desktop system.

.  . .I can get the main voices out of VDL2.  But when using the Sibelius template and employing the instructions at the top of the template to ";change the staff type assigned to a particular staff,"; select a staff line, ";create, other, staff type change, percussion";. . .I can see all of the voice options I may choose.  I select the voice I wanted, loaded the preferred voice in Kontakt Player and use the same Maple MIDI Out: Port 1 that I use for Snare, Tenor etc., for playback.  I reset sounds in the mixer and still, I get no playback for that staff line or voice.  I'm presuming that I can use ANY of the template staffs (for example, Percussion 1) for use of a different voice.

What am I doing wrong?

After you've clicked ";Reset Sounds";, in the Sibelius mixer, be sure you've properly set the MIDI channel. The channel for each instrument (in Sibelius mixer) should be the same as the instrument you're wanting it to play in VDL2. For example, if you loaded ";Brake Drums"; into VDL2, and assigned it to Channel 7, be sure in the Sibelius mixer, you've assigned it to channel 7 as well.

Note, you should only have to click ";reset sounds"; once, when you first start using the template. After that, your MIDI setup in sibelius should stay consistent (unless of course you've added or removed devices).

Hope this helps.
Jim, perfect!  Worked just as you described.  As always, thanks.

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