Dual Sounds/Not All Staves/FINALE 2005

I saw a similar post earlier but that was in regards to Sibelius...

Specs: Dell Optiplex GX270, Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, 1GB RAM

Okay so I've loaded two instances of VDL2 and in one I've got Battery Lite (minus cymbals) and the other Basic pit (minus rosewood marimba but added BD & Tam Tam).  So I've edited the complete score to setup for my size pit and when I go to add notes via speedy entry I hear the snare & glockenspiel, tenors & chimes, Basses & Vibes...

I looked for a channel seperator but I don't know where to locate it.?.? Is there a specific way to load multiple instances of VDL2?  If I modify the ";Full Score"; do I need to make changes to settings in VDL2?

please excuse my ignorance...

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No worries david. This ";virtual midi cable"; setup is probably one of the things that confuses people most. This is why you're hearing dual sounds. Because you're using two instances of VDL2, but each of those instances is receiving midi from duplicate channels on the same ";virtual midi cable"; port. I'll assume you're  using either Maple MIDI or MIDI Yoke.

The quick fix would be to simply assign your channels differently in the [b]second[/b] (pit) instance. Instead of having those instruments assigned to channels 1-8 (which is what the first instance is also set to), just set the channels to use 9-16. Then go into Finale>Instrument List, and make the same channel modifications, and voila...it should work just fine.

It's just a matter of making sure each staff in your Finale score has a unique MIDI channel, and that channel should be the same to the desired instrument in VDL2.
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