Trouble with snare buzz rolls playing back

I'm having a problem with a passage that I wrote that includes a phrase of tap buzzes. When it plays back I get one with sound and then one as silence and they continue to alternate.

P4 3GHz
2Gig Ram
Sibelius 3
Kontakt 2

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Ken - I suspect you may be hearing an unfortunate bug that currently exists with certain sounds when placed into Kontakt 2. There will be a forthcoming update to fix those issues, but in the meantime, there's a quick workaround. Follow along with these steps:

[li]In Kontakt 2, open your snare instrument to edit it (click the wrench icon)[/li]
[li]Click the [b]Group Editor[/b] button[/li]
[li]Click the red [b]edit all groups[/b] button so that it's BRIGHT red.[/li]
[li]Scroll down to the section labeled [b]Modulation[/b] and click the [b]Retrigger[/b] button twice. If it's not yellow, click it one more time so that it is yellow.[/li]
[li]Scroll up, and click the wrench icon again so that the editor is now closed.[/li]
[li]Re-save your multi to save these settings.[/li]

Let me know if that seems to fix the issue for you.
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