VD2 w/o internet access?


I have two questions:
First = I wanted to keep my laptop clean of viruses, so I wanted to send in the registration by fax!  When I get the registration code how do I connect sibelius to VD2 without internet access.  Dont know why you can fax in your information but yet connect the two by internet access only. 

Second = Can I give you the registration info here and be sent the code by email? 

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Registration is handled directly through Native Instruments. If you don't have an internet connection on your VDL2 computer, you can register via another, internet-ready computer, or via email or fax. Instructions on how to do this are on pages 11-12 of your VDL2 user guide.

It sounds like you are mistaken on the Sibelius topic. You don't connect VDL2 and Sibelius via the internet. You do so by downloading a ";virtual midi cable"; (from the internet), then installing it. Once it's installed, you do not need an internet connection to run VDL2. Since you don't have an internet connection on your computer, you'll have to download these files (along with the Sibelius template) from the internet, and either burn to a CD, or place on an external drive to bring over to your VDL2 machine.
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